Committed to serving the community by protecting life, property, and the environment through prevention and professional response.
Proudly serving Cary, Trout Valley, Oakwood Hills and our neighboring communities.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

April showers brought May flowers…and long grass and overgrown shrubs!

As summer approaches, we’ll all spend considerable time, effort, and money on our lawns and landscaping. Be aware of the dangers when working in your yard, and practice safety to ensure a healthy you with your healthy lawn and garden!
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Thunderstorms and tornados may occur spontaneously, and pass by quickly, but they can cause devastating damage to property, or harm people, in an instant. Although some storms can't be predicted, you can take steps to protect yourself and your property.
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The summer is approaching, and that means college and high school age residents will be seeking out summer jobs which may require basic CPR knowledge. The Cary Fire Prevention District regularly offers CPR/AED classes on the 1st Wednesday of every month, from 7-10p.m. Classes are $25.00/Person, and are perfect for teachers, day care workers, babysitters, police or other lay rescuers. For more information, visit the Community Services section of this website.

Please check our Meetings page for a list of upcoming board meeting dates.

For more details about any of our events call 847-639-2121
or stop by our business office at Station 1 at 400 Cary-Algonquin Road.

Press Release

Chief Jeffrey C. Macko

DIAL 911

Station 1 - Headquarters

Board of Trustees

Ernest Carlson - President
Ronald Raupp - Secretary
Mark Guerra - Treasurer
Patsy Frits - Trustee
William Hauck - Trustee


April 2016
Fire Calls : 8
Medical Calls: 117
Other: 28