Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the CFPD headquarters?

Our headquaters (Station #1) is located at 400 Cary-Algonquin Road.

What is the phone number or contact information for the Fire District?

Our main phone number is (847) 639-2121, or visit our Contact page for more.

How do I request a copy of a public record (i.e. incident reports, inspection reports, etc.)?

You can request a FOIA form in person at our District headquarters at 400 Cary-Algonquin Road.

Who do I contact for questions about my ambulance bill?

How many fire stations does CFPD have?

Our district has two fire stations. Visit our Station/Apparatus page to see our vehicles too!

I have a Carbon Monoxide or Natural Gas leak

For leaks or odors, contact Nicor at 888-642-6748. Call 911 if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Why do you send a fire truck with an ambulance to a medical call?

Our main object is to get emergency personnel to the scene as quickly as possible. All of our members are cross trained as Firefighters/EMT-B or Paramedics. Crews arriving on a fire engine provide emergency medical care while they wait for the nearest ambulance to arrive. The only thing our fire engines cannot do is provide patient transportation to the hospital.

Does the Fire District provide CPR classes?

Do you help install child safety seats?

The Cary Fire Protection District does not currently have a certified child safety seat inspector on staff. You can obtain assistance with your child safety seat by contacting the Cary Police Department, located at 654 Village Hall Drive. Cary Police Department Cary, Illinois 60013 Phone: 847-639-2341